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Options for Helping

Pre-Retreat Assistance: Assisting with organizing and transportation of items at Grayling Storage Bin to retreat location.

Fly Fishing Guide: Assist participants with their rod setup, flies, wading, and fishing Friday evening through late morning on Sunday.

Fly Fishing Helper - On Land: Organizing, distributing and tracking equipment, waders, flies, etc.

General Help - On Land: Assisting with flow of retreat program, assisting and delegating cleaning, organizing, gathering attendees, handling catch-all stuff, and more, from Friday through departure of participants on Sunday.

Post-Retreat Assistance on Sunday: Assisting with organizing and transportation items from retreat location to Grayling Storage Bin.

Fishing Options

Other than the individuals who choose to assist participants with on-the-water fishing, everyone has the opportunity to fish during the retreat.

There are numerous wading options near the retreat location. Other than our group, a rare boat or two may meander through. Finding the right wading location will require a short hike through woods or brush, and involves uneven ground, inclines, or small hills. For these reasons, fishing with a buddy is REQUIRED. No one is to fish alone.

The option to hire a guide and boat for a float trip is available. You are responsible for making the reservation for your trip, as well as payment and tip to the guide. You may book a float trip for a Half-Day, Full-Day, and float with the guide on your own, or split the trip with another fisher. The guide will help you determine where to cast, tie flies to the leader, assist with landing fish, and more. Cost varies.