Sunday Lunch Selection

Please submit your by 5:00 pm on Friday. If not, we’ll order you a turkey club sandwich.

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Select the option you want from the menu and type in the options you want below. If you do not need a lunch, please select "Not Needed" on the list.
Provide details of what you would like ordered below. Size of sandwich, type of bread, which toppings, seasonings, dressings. If a salad, please list the veggies, toppings, etc., you'd like. Note - If you don't write it below, it won't happen. Thank you.


Lunch for the Volunteers is at Noon on Sunday in Gates’ Board Room.

Your choice of a sandwich or salad will be ordered from Grayling Subway. Please visit Grayling Subway's website and determine your preference.

Please note they do not offer “specials” that may be found at your local Subway. It may be best to stick with a cold sandwich or salad due to travel time from town to Gates. 

We’ll have chips, snacks, fruit and side salads available at the lodge.