STEP 1 - Back for more, huh? OK. What do you wanna do?

I Want To Participate

First things first. To attend a Reunion Retreat as a Participant, you must first attend one of our New Participant Retreats as a Participant. Have you’ve been there and done that? Excellent! OK, now to the next step…

I Want To Volunteer

First things first. You are required to be a Participant or a Volunteer at a one of our New Participant Retreats to be considered for volunteering at a Reunion Retreat. Got that covered? Excellent! On to the next step….

NOTE: Registration Packets and retreat requests are accepted on a first come/first serve basis.
Participants and Volunteers must meet or exceed the physical requirements for the specific retreat location.

Proceed to Step 2

step 2 - Any of these dates or are you just too busy?

2019 MICHIGAN REUNION Retreat Dates

We’re mixing it up a bit this year by offering both single day and multiple day Reunion Retreats

- Sunday July 14th & Sunday August 25th
Retreats are hosted at Gates Lodge in Graying (You know the place)
Retreats start at 9:00am and end at 3:00pm

- Friday May 10 - Sunday May 12 (Yes, Mother Day Weekend!)

Hosted at an “Undisclosed Awesome Location” in Lovells, MI along the North Branch of the Au Sable River
- Sunday August 11 - Tuesday August 13
Hosted at Gates Lodge (You know the place!)
Main Branch of the Au Sable River

This is mary being happy you’re coming bacK…don’t disappoint mary! We find things work out better when we don’t disappoint mary.

This is mary being happy you’re coming bacK…don’t disappoint mary!
We find things work out better when we don’t disappoint mary.

Did you find something that worked for you? A retreat or two you just can’t bear to miss?
Of course you did! Onto…you guessed it you Smart Monkey… Step 3!

step 3 - Some Stuff you really need to know!


One Day Retreats - What’s included? Casting refresher course (if requested), use of equipment (if needed), flies, leaders, shore lunch, and beverages. Very limited guide assistance will be available.

Multi-Day Retreats - Overnight accommodations are included with these retreats, as well as casting and fly fishing instruction, use of equipment, and more. Retreats are self-funded. Therefore, cost varies per location, amenities, and type of retreat. Please note: MAY RETREAT - River access is more difficult and requires hiking through terrain/forest, and up and down banks. This retreat is geared more for individuals who have fished beyond their first retreat, typically boasts the most trout hooked and landed, and is very unstructured. AUGUST RETREAT- This retreat is geared towards anyone looking to improve/relearn their casting and on-the-water skills, and fish, fish, fish. Review the Reunion Registration Packet for more details. SIGN-UP EARLY - SPACE IS LIMITED.

step 4 - Yeah, yeah, yeah. Enough already! here are the forms!

important info

We DO NOT offer online registration. Call us “Old School.”

You need to download, print, and complete the necessary Reunion Registration Packet (psst…look right). Then submit your registration via:

  • Mail to address on the retreat forms

  • Fax to 480-247-4964

  • Scan & email to

If you need forms mailed to you, or have any questions, please call 616-855-4017 or email and a retreat volunteer with follow-up with you as soon as possible.


NOTE:  Within 4-7 days of submitting your completed retreat packet you will receive a phone call and/or email from one of our retreat coordinators confirming your retreat request.


Renew Spirit. Renew Hope. Fish On!