In 2000 we hosted the initial New Participant Retreat. It was so popular in the cancer support community that many participants contacted us requesting to attend again.  They desired the opportunity to fly fish, wade in the river, and just have fun again. But they could only attend a New Participant Retreat once. So, our solution came with a new retreat program in 2005 – The Reunion Retreat. Read on to learn more.

After experiencing a New Participant Retreat, many women choose to participate in Reeling & Healing Midwest’s Reunion Retreats. These retreats vary from one-day guided fly fishing outings or river float trips, to 2-1/2 days of semi-guide assisted retreats. Unlike our New Participant Retreats, the Reunion Retreats are less structured and concentrate more on fishing while encouraging additional fun on and off the river. Depending on the location, participants may have the option to not only wade the river, but enjoy a float trip and other optional activities too.

With basic instruction under your belt, Reeling & Healing Midwest provides equipment, refresher instruction and guide assistance (depending on the retreat type) for the Reunion Retreats. Certain physical requirements are required and vary depending on retreat location. The cost of meals, lodging and fishing license are paid for by the participant.  Cost varies from $25 to $150 depending on the length of the retreat, location, and choice of activities.

Additionally, Reeling & Healing Midwest hosts Winter Renewal Retreats, non-trout fishing outings, and other healing opportunities to past participants throughout the calendar year.